What am I getting and for how much?

You’ll get training that doesn’t exist anywhere else in Ontario: 24 hours, 10 actors, and 2 coaches, both of whom work regularly in the industry.   You’ll get the background and history, understand how the tech works, learn the mocap-ulary, and have rehearsal, a full day in the audio booth and a full day in “the suit” in a MoCap studio.  You’ll walk with your raw audio cuts and your mocap footage to use as a base for a demo (demo creation not included).  All that for $1199 (inc HST) . . . a single two-hour video game VO booking pays for it.

How do I apply?

  • Send your headshot, résumé, and on-camera and voice demos (if you have them) to
  • The deadline for submissions is at the bottom of the “Workshops” page.
  • We will select 10 participants from the submissions.  The company is chosen based on a balance of gender, age, experience, and ethnicity.
  • Full payment via e-transfer is required to secure your space.
  • We aim to confirm enrolment no later than 10 days prior to the workshop beginning.
  • There will be a wait list.

What is the cancellation policy?

We strongly suggest booking out with your agent as soon as your spot is confirmed. Of course, we understand that actors may have work conflicts but, due to the costs involved, we can only offer a full refund if we are able to fill your space. We will do everything we can to do so.

What should I bring?

Scripts, something on which to take notes, lunch, water, snacks are all musts. There may be time to run out for lunch at Supersonics but not at SIRT.  Lollipops and/or green apples may come in handy in the booth.

What should I wear?

For rehearsal, wear clothes you will be comfortable moving in.  For the audio day, don’t wear anything that makes noise, including noisy fabrics, bangles, Christmas bells, etc.  At SIRT, you will need a t-shirt, socks and underwear for comfort underneath the MoCap suit.  Commando is prohibited.  Please wear comfortable running shoes without any reflective material.

Is there parking?

For the rehearsal and audio days, there is street parking only.  There is cheap parking at the lot just south of Supersonics on the east side.  At SIRT, you will receive parking information once enrolled.

Are there kitchen facilities?

Supersonics and SIRT have a fridge and microwave you may use.  The rehearsal space may not.

What if I’m going to be late?

Once fully enrolled, you will be given an emergency contact number to call if you are delayed/lost/abducted by aliens (assuming they allow you a phone call).

May I audit?

Unfortunately, we do not allow auditors at this time.

Is there anything else I should know?

You will be asked to sign a media release waiver for each of SIRT and MoCap U so that each may use photos and/or footage on their respective websites for promotional purposes. Be prepared to have a lot of fun and make some friends.  Come well-rested, particularly for the MoCap day.  Previous participants have remarked how exhausted they were by the end of the three days (they also say what an amazing time they had).  Check out our testimonials.

Can we all go out for food and drinks when it's over?

Yes.  Yes, we can.  After completion of Day 3, we will adjourn to a local pub for a Q & A and a social.  That’s on you.