Saturday, May 25th, 12 - 7pm

Milestone Casting, 400 Eastern Ave, Ste 201A

The weekend starts with a classroom session, followed by a cutscene rehearsal, led by Amber Goldfarb & Ivan Sherry.

Sunday, May 26th, 9 - 5 pm

Supersonics, 127 Berkeley St

A full day of gaming VO in the audio booth with Kim Hurdon. You will receive your vocal rough cuts for review.

Monday, May 27th, 9 - 6 pm

SIRT, 225 Commissioners St, Soundstage 10

  Shoot day in “the volume” with Amber & Ivan. You will receive both your raw and rendered MoCap footage, the base for a MoCap Demo (demo creation not included). At 6, we adjourn to a local hostelry for a Q & A.


• What it is to perform in actual PCap conditions

How to deliver in the audio booth

• Hyper-reality: how performance in gaming differs from other genres

• What you must bring to the table and what to expect

• How to apply your training and experience to the gaming world

• How to audition for VO and Performance Capture

• The critical importance of cold-reading and strong choices

• Survival – adapting to the pace, the vocal and physical workout

• The language, industry background, etiquette, and dos and don’ts

• And a ton more

24 hours, 10 actors, 3 coaches, & demo material: $1149 (inc HST)

Send your headshot, résumé and on-camera and voice demos (if you have them) to:  (ACTRA/SAG members & apprentices only, please)

DEADLINE: Monday, May 13th @ 6pm

Due to the volume of submissions, we regret we can only respond to accepted participants.