“This is legit the best professional development training I have taken in over 20 years. The Acting for Video Games Intensive Workshop was comprehensive, challenging, well-structured and hugely enjoyable. The instructors were terrific and I now feel much more confident in approaching video game auditions and work. It’s an extraordinary couple of days and the value is incredible – I have all the material I need for a MOCAP demo and half a video game voice demo ready to go. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” – Marilla Wex


Our clients were over the moon with their 3 days at Mocap U. I have never had an actor, let alone all three in the same workshop immediately message me to tell me how incredible the training was and how much they learned.”

– Roberta Romano, Voice Agent, Fountainhead Talent Inc

“A truly unforgettable experience. I left my three days at MoCap U armed with the training, knowledge and confidence to take on the ever-growing world of the video game industry. An absolute must for anyone hoping to get their foot in the door.” – Zachary Bennett


What an absolutely amazing experience! I can’t thank you guys enough for putting this workshop together and giving us such a rich and in-depth look into what this world is! I almost DON’T want to tell anyone else to do this workshop….cuz I don’t want someone else possible taking this job away from me!! – Kris Siddiqi


I can’t recommend this course enough. It’s a fast-paced jam-packed 3 days of awesome. Not only does it give you a ton of knowledge and new skills but it also gives you the opportunity to walk away with material for a demo reel! 100% worth the money.  I felt like they truly wanted us all to succeed and walk away with the confidence to stand out above the rest. Thank you!” – Freya Ravensbergen


Your workshop has made me feel knowledgable, prepared, and confident in my pursuit of work in this thriving industry. I feel inspired and excited! – Phil Luzi

I can tell you after attending this weekend intensive that you simply don’t even know what you don’t even know. You should take the course. There is an endless amount of info, detail, training and specifics in video games; it’s not like any other medium you’ve ever acted in. You should take the course. It’s a thoughtful, professional, insanely thorough and highly challenging weekend for any actor. Basically, you can’t do the job without it. Plus, they are seriously decent people. You know what; just take the course. – Jana Peck


You will not find a better training program/workshop in the GTA. If you’re serious about working in the medium of video games, then this is a no brainer. Just having played video games is not enough to get you the job. In The Acting for Video Games Intensive Workshop, the instructors have crafted a perfect masterclass to take you through the style, preparation, intensity, and physical expressivity required to excel in this field. They could be charging twice the amount, and you’d still be getting an incredible bargain of a course. Seize on this opportunity now. – Chris George

You ABSOLUTELY have to take this workshop if you have the opportunity. And there will be a waiting list. And if you are lucky enough to get in, this will absolutely accelerate your understanding and ability to work  in the world of video games. The caliber of people teaching this workshop: these are people who are teaching this because they genuinely love their work and care about developing the industry. This workshop would be of value at twice as much. – Patrick Creery

The intensive program offered by MoCap U is an absolute necessity for anyone serious about a career in Performance for Video Games. The training, experience, networking opportunities, and take away materials are just not offered anywhere else. No one even has a motion capture demo reel yet, but we will after taking this course. I am so grateful to the team at MoCap U for giving us this opportunity. The next time this course is offered, take it. – Craig Burnatowski


Thank you for all your insight and the incredible team you’ve put together for this workshop. Seriously mind-blowing! This workshop is worth every penny and more, its mind-blowing, fun, exhilarating and exhausting in the best way.  I walked away invigorated and inspired – Julia Juhas

Ivan, Carlo, and Colin bring such a high-energy, exciting three day workshop, that could honestly be turned into an entire week. There’s so much to learn, I recommend this for every actor who is considering motion capture work. Also, plan nothing else around the workshop. They are long days! Go home, do some food prep, and get some sleep. – Erin Eldershaw


Do you want to work in video games? Then this course should be your first priority! The teachers are knowledgeable and experienced, the material is up to date and practical, the training is beyond comparison, and the price for what you get is exceedingly reasonable. This course as a whole is phenomenal, regardless of your video game experience. – Luke Marty


I want to again thank you for a phenomenal workshop. PHENOMENAL. This was hands-on experience that I could not have had otherwise. I was so incredibly impressed with how much time we were each given in the sound booth as well as at the studio to work and record our scenes.  What really stood out to me was how you were so invested in our work. Not to see that we were doing “ok” – but to ensure we were doing our absolute best work. You really cared that we would leave the workshop with everything we needed to start out in the right foot! This was so genuine and it was felt, observed, and appreciated.  I cannot thank you enough. I feel incredibly lucky to have been chosen for this specialized training and to have met and worked with you. – Vanessa Burns


MOCAPU was an invaluable experience for me. The days were jam-packed with tips and training. Ivan, Kim and Amber gave us the ins and outs for auditions as well as days on set. Their passion for the art inspired me!  I feel prepared and ready to embrace the unique world of Mocap. I’d recommend this program to anybody. With only 10 people in class, you get the most out of the teachings and everyone gets equal time to play and explore. – Ana Sani


I cannot begin to explain how lucky I was to be able to partake in MocapU’s Acting for Video Games course.  I was in awe of such an action-, knowledge-, and guidance-packed opportunity. The amount of info that is loaded into the 3 days makes the price of the course, a steal. Ivan and his team are brilliant instructors and are very rooted in Canada’s Mocap scene making it a great place to make connections. After traveling across North America for any Mocap course I could get my hands on, this is by far the best. I would take the workshop again in a heartbeat – Robbie Graham-Kuntz


Thanks to the tutelage of Ivan Sherry, Amber Goldfarb, and Kim Hurdon, my dream of being a professional mocap artist is that much closer. Thanks for teaching me the necessary techniques, and pushing me to be a better actor – Julius Cho